Week 1: Hypotheses and Theories

Week 1 Section Slides

Week 2: Constructs, Variables, and Values

Explaining Confounding Variables Video

Week 2 Section Slides

Types of Data Video (YouTube)

Week 3: Introduction to Stata, Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion

Section 3 Lab- Intro to Stata Code

Mean, Median, Mode Practice with Answers

Mean, Median, Mode Standard Deviation By Hand Example: Galderisi Text- Chapter 4, Problem 9

Calculating Mean, Median, and Mode Video (Khan Academy)

Calculating Standard Deviation Video (Khan Academy)

How does changing mean and standard deviation affect the distribution of data? (Web App)

Week 4: Graphical Distributions & Intro to Causal Inference

Week 4 Section Slides

Assessing Causality Examples & Answers

Week 5: Causal Inference & Experiments

Week 5 Section Slides

Week 6: Stata Lab; Graphing and Testing Bivariate Relationships

Week 6 Lab- Stata Do File

Week 7: Exploring Relationships

Week 8: Exploring Relationships #2

Week 9: Exploring Relationships #3

Week 10: Final Exam Review


How to Open .dta files and other file types in Stata